Travel Diary #4. Zermatt. Kid’s point of view!

It is very interesting how children perceive the life. It is often completely different to us adults. I always ask my daughter to write a diary from our trips so I can compare her experience to mine. This story is by 9 years old Hurricane, well… almost 10 years old… The story is from our last day in Zermatt which we spend on hiking to the most beautiful parts of Switzerland


It was our last day at Switzerland and I woke up feeling sad. We ate our breakfast and headed outside. As we were walking down this street to the train station I remembered all the fun I had. We finally got to the station, bought our tickets and boarded on the train. We were heading to Zermatt probably for the last time. I felt that I was going to miss this place. I was looking through the window for few minutes and then we arrived to our stop. My mum wanted to go to herbal garden but the first thing I said was “can we have some pretzels?”

Zermatt in the early morning


There was a pretzel shop on the station. I have only ever had a pretzel once before and it was from this shop. They were absolutely delicious! My mum and dad said yes and I got one… All I remember is that it was so yummy and I was happy!  When I finished the pretzel, everything has changed.  I suddenly become angry and asked “are we there yet?” loudly.

Kids in Zermatt


“No, not yet” said my mum, calmly. I groaned. The frustration was growing inside of me, so I took out my hands and started breaking the plants. I was throwing a huge tantrums. Then, after a few minutes of moaning I saw a building. I thought this would be our destination but it wasn’t. It was just some kind of a small church. My mum said we had to go uphill, I got angry again. But then, after 5 or 10 minutes there it was. The herbal garden.

Angry Hurricane

All for nothing

It was so much smaller than I expected. It was the size of OUR garden! Maybe even smaller! My mum gave me some mint leaf she found to try but I just sulked and spit it out. It was very bitter and I didn’t like it. Then my dad started walking into the woods and called us in.


We sat down in a patch of grass and ate some biscuits looking at the all beautiful mountains around. But I got really bored after few minutes so I started to look around of something to do. I spotted something interesting in the distance… it was a treehouse. Of course I wanted to check it out! It was real fun! I even found a skull of a goat in it. My brother joined me. But after a while my mum and dad called us and we had to go. I looked at the Matterhorn and I knew it was probably the last time I see it.


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