Travel diary #1. Sunset at Ainsdale Beach.

Highlanders who like beach

We always considered ourselves as a mountain lovers. That does not mean we spend free time only in the mountains. We love nature, at any location. We are fortunate enough to live close to mountainous areas as well as close to the seaside. From time to time everybody needs some change. Going to the same locations over and over again is quite boring. Therefore, once in a while we like to change our habits and travel to a location where most of people who know us, would not expect us to be. In other words – surprise them! Besides, who does not love the colour of the sea and sand at the sunny day? Who does not like to sit down in this warm sand and simply listen to the waves sound. After all, it is Mindfulness at its best!

Ainsdale beach sand dunes
Lovely sand dunes

Ainsdale Beach

Ainsdale Beach is a huge beach where you can literally drive in and park your car on the actual beach. Even at the busiest hours you can be sure to find yourself a spot where you can park and enjoy the sunshine. Many people coming with their own BBQ kit. So did we, many times! We love playing in the sand dunes at this beach. Moreover, the sand is soft and very light in colour which beautifully contrasts with the green grass growing at the beach. In addition, the tides in this rea are very high which makes this place even more interesting! Although, many people are finding these tides quite inconvenient because, at many times they have found themselves walking for around 15 – 20 min from the sand dunes to the actual sea! Hence, simply check the tides times to avoid disappointment.

Low tide at Ainsdale Beach
Low tide

Sunset is the best!

Our favourite time to go on the beach is sunset. Even though, Mr Sting is an early bird (goes to bed at 8pm) he occasionally agrees to go and watch the sunset. Although, Ainsdale beach is located perfectly to watch sunset you have to pick the right day and time. Not only, you should check the tide times but also the weather! After all, it is located in North West England, so expect many rainy or cloudy days. If you are lucky enough to catch clear sky, then the experience will be unforgettable! The colours around are magical!

The beach can become very busy, especially during sunny weekends but usually during day hours. There is a lot less crowd in very early or evening hours which means that you can enjoy it more. We particularly like it for yoga practice or simply for evening meal. We often take our camping chairs, pop-up tent and a cool box, then we simply enjoy the time with family.

Our Hurricane likes the beach because she can spend ages on finding interesting shells and arranging the in different and creative ways. While, our Froggy just enjoys digging in the sand, and sliding down the sand dunes.

Ainsdale beach family day out
Ainsdale Beach

Check-list before you go

  • check tide times online
  • search up for sunset/sunrise times
  • check traffic, you may find yourself stuck in the traffic at busiest times
  • take portable BBQ, food and drinks
  • the busiest times are weekend days especially when it is dry and sunny

Our beach day out picks

Camping chairs

Trespass- 2 Man Pop Up Tent – Blue & Grey

HeavenBird Lightweight Foldable Fold Up Portable Camping Fishing Folding Table With Cup Aluminum Alloy Holders

Thermos Cool Box, Blue, 32 L

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