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Moving from UK to New Zealand from the tween’s point of view.

My thoughts on moving to NZ When I first got off the plane, I felt like I was still on it, like everything was still vibrating. After long wait we took a bus to a quarantine hotel that we would be staying in for 2 weeks. It was pretty boring there, and we could only […]
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Short break in Christchurch

New Zealand’s most expensive cat Feels like we’re jumping two months forward with this post in comparison to the last. But it is the important/emotional reason for it. We went to Christchurch for a weekend. The reason for it was to pick our cat Freyja from the quarantine. To cut the long story short she’s […]
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Travel Diary #4. Zermatt. Kid’s point of view!

It is very interesting how children perceive the life. It is often completely different to us adults. I always ask my daughter to write a diary from our trips so I can compare her experience to mine. This story is by 9 years old Hurricane, well… almost 10 years old… The story is from our […]
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