Queenstown short break

Dunedin to Queenstown

Queenstown supposed to be one most iconic places in the world with some truly breathtaking scenery. We decided to check it out. Due to work commitment we set of Friday afternoon. It is about 3-3.5 hrs drive from Dunedin. Because of the late hours we could not enjoy the views on the way there, it was simply too dark. On the top of that, the roadworks, we had to go via Palmerston making the journey 40/50km longer. The only thing we could see from the distance as approaching Queenstown were ski slopes, fully illuminated. As we arrived and checked in to the hotel we had a chance to enjoy some real ale each, while kids had some huge portions of bolognese and fresh juice.

Time to explore

In the morning, after breakfast we were welcomed by absolutely stunning views. The mountains on the front of us being over 2000m high. I always say – in the mountains there is everything I love. First attractions we decided to see was famous skyline gondolas, that will take you by very steep journey to the elevation around 800m. The scenery is absolutely phenomenal, stunning views of Queenstown, Remarkables Mountain Range and Lake Wakatipu. The restaurant and cafe on the top of Skyline complex is classed as one of 10 restaurants in entire world that must be seen! The prices are actually very reasonable, which is a positive surprise. Of course, to compare to other restaurants in New Zealand. To a tourist from outside it is still incredibly expensive place! From there, you can also hop onto another
chair lift and have some fun on the Luge. We however couldn’t do that, as Froggy wasn’t prepared for that, he absolutely refused to go. Not really fair on Hurricane, but what can you do? This is the life with autistic child. no surprises!

Kiwi birds!

After we finished our coffees and cakes, was a time to down by gondolas again. Next stop was Kiwi Birdlife Park. We managed to get there just in time for a Conservation Show. W have learned and discovered some of the native species such as Tuatara reptile, Kea and Kaka parrots plus many more! Some of the birds flied right next to our heads, which was very amusing. The next show we attended was feeding of the national icon, a Kiwi bird. We have not seen these
animals before, and were quite surprised how fast they are, also how many mammal features they have. After the feeding we explored the Park seeing some more local birds, animals and trees. All that walking and exploring made us very hungry.

Food and drink time!

There are plenty restaurants and bars in Queenstown, however we decided to have our ,,default” meal which is beer and burger, obviously juice for children. Our choice was World Bar restaurant, were we could enjoy our food, sitting on the front of fire place getting some needed heat. The burgers were absolutely delicious! There is nothing better that recharge the batteries with good food, drink and warmth! This town offers really good choice of places to eat and drink with very wide selection of different cuisines.

Family and technology friendly

We explored the town a little bit more, and allowed the kids to have some time on the playground right on the from of the lake. Hurricane was most interested in feeding ducks. These little creatures were so greedy that were eating the seeds straight from our hands! Thanks to the modern technology we also skyped my mum from the harbour so she could catch the glimpse of the views that we were so amazed with. The wi-fi is available in most areas of central town. It was getting late so we went back to the hotel.

Overall it was a great family break, shame so short. And similarly to the short break we had in Christchurch, the weather was not so great! Although on the way back, we visited nearby village Frankton, did some necessary shopping, and went back to Dunedin. Overall as me and wife agreed, we think we found a place on the earth that want to make a permanent home. The journey has just begun…

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