Next course: New Zealand

The blog has been extremely quiet lately. We have not had much time to post new information because of lack of time. And the reason why we do not have much time these days is the fact that we have decided to relocate from UK to New Zealand. Normally, the immigration is not an easy process. We have made everything even more complicated by choosing the other side of the World. On the to of that, we are doing it in the time of global pandemic! Trust me! Not an easy task!

Why New Zealand?

Surprisingly, this idea is not fresh! We wanted to visit New Zealand many years ago. However, as a family of common, working class people we could never afford for a “nice” family holidays that far. Therefore, whenever we want to go – we simply have to find a jobs. Luckily, we have a profession which is in demand in many countries, including New Zealand. We thought this must be a good opportunity to move and settle on the other side of the World, or as some say, The End of the World! Fine by me! We are low maintenance people!

New Zealand… But where?

Where exactly in New Zealand? People who immigrating to this country usually move to a location where they can simply find a job. We were lucky enough to have few options but we have decided to go for Dunedin. A fairly large city on the South Island. We were looking for a place in South Island, close to the mountains. Dunedin isn’t perhaps the closest location, but from our research it looks like there is plenty hills and hiking trails around. The city has also a large University and interesting history. Overall, all of us will be able to find something to do in this city. Hiking trails for me and Mr Sting, art galleries for Hurricane and steam train for Froggy. All boxes ticked!

So what now?

Mr Sting managed to secure a job contract. So we are moving! However, the fact that it is the other side of the world complicates a lot. Then, the visa process is also complicated. Especially now, during the pandemic! Apart from that, we have decided to sell our house in UK. Everything is very stressful! Lastly, to explain the whole process, we have decided to do a series of posts about our immigration to New Zealand. Also, we will try to record videos and podcasts. Unfortunately, we still have our current professional commitments and a lot of paper work to complete. So, all mentioned content may be released with a delay but we will try our hardest to send regular updates!

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