Llandudno, Tram and Copper Mines

We love our trips to Northern Wales. This region has lovely beaches, beautiful fairly high mountains and a lot of amazing historical castles and sites. Not so long ago we took kids to town called Llandudno. It has definitely perfect location and facilities to have fun for whole family. The town does have to beach sites, one sandy (here on left) and gravel beach (right side). So basically pick and choose which you prefer.

Llandudno is a typical British sea side town with nice promenade near the beach and a Pier. Plenty of Pubs, Cafes and Restaurants, even cocktail bars. And obviously the usual shops. It is quite expensive, but which sea side town isn’t. More information on this link.

However, we are not the beach nor the shopping people. We seek for unique and unusual attractions. Our autistic son loves trains, trams, busses, trolleybuses and anything similar. He is simply obsessed! Therefore, wherever we go we always try to find something ‘train-like’. Llandudno ticked the box.

The Great Orme Tramway is Britain’s only funicular, or cable-hauled, tramway that travels on public roads. Delighting visitors since it opened in 1902.”

While Flower was having fun in the tram…

Hurricane stated she was bored…

Well… You cannot make everybody happy…

It was sunny, but windy. It is normal for end of March. We did not complained, though. The views on Great Orme (which is basically the name of a hill) are stunning! And the kids had ice-creams. I am not too sure if that was good idea, as it was not exactly hot, but kids stopped moaning for 5 minutes.

Our Hurricane is dreaming of becoming an archaeologist… and bang! Thanks to Great Orme Mines we could tick another box!

There is an interesting story behind discovering these mines. The land with mine waste from Victorian period supposed to be turned to a big car park in 1987 when during the landscape works the bronze age mines were accidentally uncovered. As far as I remember from the information boards from mine, there is a 28 levels found on the site but only 2 are available for tourists. The mine is a great place to visit. It is very family friendly and kids can learn one thing or two. It is also fun to wear miners hats, although Flower was not very kin on this hat and it took us a while to convince him to wear it.

After the mines we could enjoy more stunning views from the top of the hill. During spring/summer season there is an option of travelling by cable car from the top of the hill down to the town. There was way too windy for that to work wen we went but back in May 2017, Mr Sting and I had a chance to try it. Dead funny with somebody whose scared of heights!

Llandudno is a great place for whole family to enjoy. Whether you like beach time, bit of hiking, historical sites or just walk through he town. And if you lucky to have warm, sunny weather it’s just perfect!

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