Glacier Adventure (by Hurricane)

Getting started
It really was amazing, everything… “Wake up! We are going!” I didn’t even have time to think. It was six o’clock in the morning and it was time for breakfast, I wasn’t tired but my dad sure was. Ten minutes past, and I was getting ready for something extraordinary, a trip on the glacier. I was ready, I went outside my bedroom, I saw my mum and dad going crazy! They were packing A LOT of things! We got outside in the chilly air and got into the car (it was quite a long away). Brum, Brum! Went the car all the way until we came to a halt. This was it; the trip has started.

Col de la Croix de Fer
We were on another mountain because from that mountain we had to climb higher to the glacier. The mountain was called Col de la Croix de Fer (it was a different language). “Col dela crua defer”, my brother said. I said it was a tongue twister. My brother and I (well, may be just me) wanted to go and explore, but unfortunately my mum started shouting “Do not go in there, it is muddy, and you will get your shoes wet!”. The path we were on was a bit “rocky”, but the views were extraordinary, it was breath taking. I saw some buildings below and said they look like little circles, squares and triangles. After that I just kept naming shapes because I was bored. Then the path became even more “rocky”, and it was getting a bit hard and started to become steep.

Col de la Croix de Fer

Rocky Road
My dad said, “Now this is PROPER climbing”. I started to pant but I tried to hide it, at least nobody noticed… I think. The road seemed to be going on for AGES and it was difficult. Then some people with bikes zoomed past and I said, “Why couldn’t we bring our bikes?”, but then something else caught my eye. It was a sign saying, “Warning! May be avalanche. Caution needed.” I shivered because I was imagining an avalanche coming down on us, it was terrifying. Then the rocks started to end… I wandered, what was at the top?

Road to the Refuge

We got to the top of the hill and saw a little house with a sign saying “Refuge”. I suspected it was a mount name (I think it was). My mum said, “Come to the toilet and I will get you something to eat, let’s have a break we have been walking for two hours now.” I raised my eyebrows, “Really?”, I said but my mum had already gone. We sat at the table and mum took out some food, it was my turn to go. I had a bit of a trouble finding the toilet and I accidentally went to a kitchen where there were people cleaning. “Oops!”, I said because I made some muddy footprints. The people said it was OK and showed me where it was. Afterwards, I ate the food and it was time to go the glacier!

Near the Refuge

My dad said we had two whole hours of walking until we were at the top. So, we were halfway through the journey. We were walking for twenty minutes now and then I saw a pond, we were walking to the side of it. I saw some HUGE fishes in there and a tiny frog leaped by. I was a little behind the others because I kept catching tadpoles. Then, it started to get a bit chilly and Konrad (my brother) was starting to get a bit poorly and pale. After that, I saw a huge path that led us to our achievement, the only way was up. Now, it was hard, a path straight up, my brother pale and sick, my walking stick braking, slippery snow and ice. Oh how we were going to pass this?! I told myself, “I can do this!”, and the with one final step… VICTORY! I was at the top. We have made it!!! We ate sandwiches and then, I remembered; the journey was not over yet! We still had to get back to the bottom!

Glacier de St-Sorlin

Written by Hurricane

Note from Mrs Sting.

You can find the map from this trail here. With a slight modification. We did not do a loop as suggested on the website. We walked from Col de la Croix de Fer through the Refuge to the glacier and back the same trail.

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