COVID-19 travel

Moving to New Zealand We planned move to New Zealand for a while. Covid just complicated things, and increased cost of everything dramatically. You can’t just get a visa, hop on the plane and that is it. The only visa we could get was critical purpose one, that is short and need to be extended […]
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Next course: New Zealand

The blog has been extremely quiet lately. We have not had much time to post new information because of lack of time. And the reason why we do not have much time these days is the fact that we have decided to relocate from UK to New Zealand. Normally, the immigration is not an easy […]
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Skiing in Cairgorm, Scotland. Fun for whole family!

We are the family who awaits whole 6-7 months for a ski season to start. Although, I must admit, that myself and Mr Sting like skiing more than our children. But they certainly looking forward for having play in the snow! However, for many years as we were planning our winter holidays, Scotland was not […]
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Long drive tips. From a driver.

Our firs long drive happened in 2007, when we drove home for Christmas. It was just nightmare, which we never repeated since, but it gave us insight of good and bad of the long journey. We had a couple of drinks the day before, hence headaches for few hours; we set of too early for […]
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