About Us

Meet the Sting Family. A family of four metal-heads.

Mrs Sting is a Nurse, truly passionate about mindfulness, yoga, and meditation. Loves alpine hikes and skiing, even though she is not the best at it.

Mr Sting is an Operating Department Practitioner, or Theatre Nurse in short. His favourite character is Grumpy Cat, and it is for a reason. He specialises in mountaineering and history of medieval castles. Also, he is very good arguer.

Then, there is Hurricane Sting, her given name means ‘Strong in Fight’ and that is what she is! She also likes to argue and slowly soaking in the grumpiness of her father. A talented draw artist and natural storyteller.

The youngest member of the family is Flower Sting, but he does not like this nicknameanymore, he likes to be called Froggy. He is cute and sweet, moody, and fussy, a real autistic character! An expert in vehicles, especially trains, and numbers. Starts conversation with “What is 12 times 3?”