8-weeks MBSR course: reflection.

This week is the last week of mine 8-week MBSR course. I have completed it online, with British Mindfulness Institute. This particular Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course is advertised as the one specifically designed for Health and Social Care Professionals. “After all I am an Nurse!”, I thought when I came across it during internet search. Each Monday, over the last eight weeks they have been sending me new materials about Mindfulness. This course is very much based on the first MBSR programme designed by Jon Kabat-Zinn, but some of the guided meditations has been modified slightly. Not in a bad way, I felt. But what I found very interesting, was the fact that it was not focused only on delivering the guided meditations and simply sending me instructions of what to do. But, I had have opportunity of finding out how mindfulness is supported by scientific research. The information given in the course were well referenced and plenty of case studies examples made all content look and sound very professional. Each week’s contents were sent on email in the text and audio version which I really liked as I could read and listen at the same time.

This was not my first attempt of Mindfulness. I have read the original book by Jon Kabat-Zinn. I think it is the must-read for everyone who wants to practice Mindfulness. Also, I have attended the drop-ins sessions at my work place. So I cannot say the above course was a massive eye-opener but I have enjoyed the given structure and the scientific back-up. It helped me to establish the routine of my meditations and gave some tips of how to be mindful throughout the day. I have better understanding of Neuropsychology now. I am more aware of the surrounding environment, I think I can smell more and hear more. But, I think the biggest achievement was that I became better at meditating and realised what I want to focus in my future life. Now I want to explore the subject more and try to include my family.

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